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I’m passionate about being my own boss, and exploring how we can improve our lives through inner mastery…

Hey, I’m Matt.

Thanks for visiting Digital Freedom Quest, I hope you find it useful or (at least a little) interesting.

My story might sound familiar – I’m trying to successfully run a location-independent business, while seeking fulfilment, peace and happiness in a world that seems really crazy, with a mind that’s my own worst enemy.

Authenticity is really important to me.

I want to share my real-life journey, not just the glossy bits.

I want to offer insight, tips, inspiration and resources to anyone trying to be a better version of themselves, and especially to those who are or wish to be their own boss.

If that’s you, you might be interested in working with me – check out my complete online presence creation services.

But who the hell am I?

I’m an English guy who got fed up with living a normal life in England.

I’m an ambivert who thinks a lot about what it is to live a life of purpose and what it takes to be happy or sometimes just content.

I studied Psychology at university and somehow scraped a first. Not because I wanted to be a psychologist, but because I had some serious questions and I was fascinated by what makes us tick.

I was searching for reasons, for explanations, for understanding. Most of all, perhaps, I was searching for peace of mind.

Since then I’ve remained as fascinated with all of this as ever, and I’m particularly interested in how we can live meaningful lives in a seemingly meaningless world.

From sitting in meditation circles and on therapist’s couches to lying on the floor in psychedelic Amazonian ceremonies, I’ve traveled the world and spent years learning how to live well..

From corporate desk jobs to working from my laptop in a jungle paradise, I’ve tried to find or create a life I can live with.

These days…

I’m passionate about being my own boss, and helping businesses and entrepreneurs create an awesome online presence.

Mainly that involves building websites, running digital marketing campaigns, copywriting and doing personal brand photoshoots for entrepreneurs.

I call it ‘Online Presence Optimisation’. That’s pretty much my day job and you can read more about that here.

Since quitting my corporate job in London I’ve spent most of the last few years living overseas as what some might call a digital nomad.

At least I’ve been trying to. More than once I’ve been humbled in my attempts.

Trying to live the dream has sometimes been a nightmare.

I’m crazy about travel photography, and love nothing more than embarking on a far-flung adventure (preferably on a motorbike) to capture this incredible world and it’s people in pictures.

I’m obsessed with mindset, and how to cultivate a positive subjective experience of being alive.

I believe that there are things we can do to improve our minds and lives.

My goal is to continue to learn, to grow and to evolve; to increase my ability to live a life of freedom and passion on something like my terms.

I hope to inspire others who wish to live a more fulfilling life, and here I offer insights, tips and resources that I’ve found on my journey.

About Me

I’m passionate about being my own boss, and exploring how we can improve our lives through inner mastery. I specialise in creating an awesome online presence for personal brands and influencers, and I write honestly about about the highs, lows, tools and tactics of creating a life and work you can love.

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